Danesha Kendrick



Danesha Kendrick graduated from University of Houston-Downtown with a bachelors of science in psychology. Danesha also minored in Early childhood education.


Meet Mrs. Kendrick - A Passionate Teacher Who Loves to Inspire Students

Mrs. Danesha Kendrick brings contagious enthusiasm and creativity to the classroom. With degrees in psychology and early childhood education, she has a natural talent for connecting with students of all ages.

History, psychology, and philosophy are more than just subjects to Mrs. Kendrick - they are avenues to discuss the fascinating depths of human nature. She sees every class discussion as an opportunity to exchange ideas, challenge assumptions, and grow together. Her lessons explore "why?" as much as "what?"

Mrs. Kendrick has over 10 years of experience working closely with children, including 2 years with Fusion Academy. She has worked with big brother/big sister programs, foster families, as a nanny, and tutoring kids during COVID. Her passion for educating and inspiring youth shines through in everything she does.

Mrs. Kendrick draws from her colorful life experience to engage students. As an Army reservist and world traveler who has visited over 6 countries, she has a unique perspective to share. She also has a lively, fun-loving spirit and loves to get goofy with her classes!

Above all, Mrs. Kendrick is dedicated to nurturing her students' intellectual curiosity. She wants her classroom to be a place where minds are opened, creativity flows freely, and everyone feels inspired to learn. Whether debating ethics or analyzing the impact of historical events, Mrs. Kendrick motivates students to think critically, ask questions, and pursue knowledge with passion.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves to dance
  • She is in the Army reserved as a CBRN
  • Aspires to become an occupational therapist.