Zachary Baquet

Assistant Director


Zach holds a BA in Latin American Studies from Carleton College and a MS in Digital Age Learning and Educational Technology from Johns Hopkins University.


Zach Baquet is a vice-principal who works with students and teachers from all over the Houston area to help them find success both in and outside the classroom. After spending 8 years in schools coaching students and teachers, Zach understands what it takes to build a thriving academic program—and it’s not implementing the newest trends in education. Instead, it’s an unwavering commitment to educational research paired with building authentic connections with parents, students, and teachers to allow space for shared expertise and collective efficacy to emerge. Education is a team sport.

Zach taught at an international school in Quito, Ecuador, partnered with educational non-profits in Lima, Peru to provide alternative paths for success for teens, and received numerous organizational awards in both courage and innovation for his emphasis on DEI and establishing a strong connection between student goals and at-home support within the mentorship program. Additionally, he has published in the International Journal for E-Learning about Online Tutoring, contributed to a blog on Mastery Learning, and runs a weekly organizational book club for vice-principals rooted in educational research.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Car enthusiast
  • Avid trumpet player
  • Enjoys snowboarding