Lauren Borg

English Teacher

Lauren was born in Harrisburg, PA but she got to Texas as fast as her three-year-old legs could carry her when she arrived with her parents and four older siblings. Lauren holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a minor in Sociology from the University of Houston. She has a strong desire to continue achieving her educational goals as her next pursuit will be a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. However, for now, as a recent graduate, she wishes to spend her time concentrating on the career she’s worked so hard for and her true passion, teaching.

Lauren understands the struggle for kids with learning disabilities or who need extra attention. From a young age she began noticing that kids learned differently, and that intelligence alone did not guarantee a successful outcome. She also saw the contrast between ineffective teachers and inspiring ones as she appreciated her compassionate teachers that motivated her to push through her obstacles.

Before Lauren began her journey in becoming an educator, she explored a few career paths. Wanting to help others, she thought perhaps counseling was the perfect calling for her life. She began working full-time for an adolescent recovery program in Houston as an Outreach Assistant. She loved her job working with wonderful kids who simply needed some compassion, hope, as well as extra accountability. The program was designed for the kids to help their peers with the guidance of their counselors and staff. Lauren was taken under the wings of talented counselors who taught her the value of unconditional love, and within this environment provided more robust definitions of honesty, integrity, vulnerability in sharing, consistency, and humility within relationships. It challenged and strengthened her emotional maturity in ways that she admittedly would likely not have obtained otherwise. However, she realized that most therapeutic programs are attended voluntarily by those who already know they need help, and, while inspiring, she often found herself wondering about the teens who were still lost and unaware of the help available to them. She didn’t want to limit herself to the ones who were already on the right path.

Lauren’s vision was driven by her own experience as a struggling student with ADHD and accompanying emotional challenges. Upon reaching high school she often felt defeated in her struggles, but she had a teacher who consistently reached out to encourage her and find resources. Lauren claims that this “saved her life.” She states, “It turns out all I really needed was just one person (outside of my family) to take a special interest in me, to care about my life and future, and not just look at me as another number in a classroom, and that’s what my teacher did for me.” Since then, Lauren has strongly believed that sometimes it only takes one person to ignite a change in someone’s life, and it can be as simple as showing that you care.

Exemplifying the truth in the saying, “give back what was once given to you,” Lauren was eager to have found Fusion Academy and to have the opportunity to be of service to those who are where she once was, as her teachers and mentors did for her.

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