Joe Zoller

Math & Science Teacher/Mentor

Joe Zoller, a veteran educator comes to Fusion from the upper Midwest. Born and raised near Chicago, Joe attended both college and graduate school and then began his professional career in Wisconsin in 1998. With double majors in both Psychology and Physics and a Master’s in Education with a focus on curriculum development, sound pedagogical instruction, and authentic assessment, he has taught a variety of courses at a variety of levels including Astronomy, Chemistry, Algebra, Psychology, and even American Sign Language. However, given his solid background and the perpetual need, Joe has taught at least one course in Physics for all but two of his 24 years in education. Over those years, he has helped students to prepare for both standard tests like the ACT, SAT, and TEKS as well as special programs and testing like Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate exams. Joe is elated to have discovered Fusion after years of experiencing the frustration of working in both public and private sectors but never finding any schools where he could consistently achieve his primary goal to best serve the individual needs and aspirations of his students.

On a personal note, Joe married his high school sweetheart and over their nearly 30 years of marriage, they have raised and homeschooled five children three of which still live at home. For hobbies, Joe spends most of his evenings just hanging out with his family watching movies and TV. An avid music lover, he also dabbles a little with singing and playing both guitar and bass guitar when he is not simply getting enjoyment from listening to a wide spectrum of music genres including 70s and 80s pop, classic rock, thrash and power metal, 90s country, classic punk rock, jazz and blues. Having played or coached soccer for a total of 25 years, Joe still keeps fit by jogging 3-5 miles almost daily. Lastly, Joe is a motivational speaker and strong advocate for those living with chronic pain—particularly those living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder deemed to be the most painful condition that can be experienced by the professional medical community.