Alex Vaughn

Science & Math Department Head

Alex is from North Alabama, and received his American Chemical Society-certified Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a minor in Physics. He also participated in summer research programs in Computational Chemistry at the University of Memphis, the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He then continued to the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia to obtain his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, which involves the application of Physics to Chemistry. The sub-area of his research, Computational Chemistry, involves the utilization of Computer Science and Math to gain understanding of chemical systems. During this time, he also met his wife, who is currently a nurse leader at MD Anderson Cancer Center. While he was completing his Ph.D., Alex went on a two-week research trip to Giessen, Germany to experiment with utilizing matrix isolation to study tunneling in the oxalic acid system, and to present at the Tunneling-1 conference. While in Germany, he also visited Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany. During off hours, he was an avid Dungeon and Dragons wizard, and reader of politics and theology.

Now, he cooks and bakes for his wife, and takes care of his beautiful daughter Nora.