Meaghan McLoughlin

Director of Student Development

Meaghan is Fusion Academy Hingham’s Director of Student Development, where she works with Fusion families to determine the best academic plan and student schedule for each Fusion student. Meaghan is a champion of Fusion Academy’s program. Every school day she sees the power of Fusion’s model in reaching adolescent learners. Since adolescent brains are unique, Meaghan sees how this innovative school meets students where they are at, and helps to achieve goals. We’re a competitive independent school offering in the South Shore area, and here at Fusion, schooling is done right. 

Meaghan is always learning, which is another thing she loves about Fusion: the students and faculty are always seeking to grow and delve deeper. Meaghan is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology to further strengthen her skills as an adolescent and family advocate in school settings. Meaghan also loves hanging in our Homework Cafe, where there’s always something new to learn from a student or teacher. A former Fusion teacher, Meaghan joined Fusion in April 2019 as a Humanities faculty member after teaching in a number of secondary schools in the Boston area and Los Angeles. In fact, it was when she was in L.A. in 2015 that she first came across the Fusion Academy model, which showed her that at Fusion, students have a huge amount of growth and achievement over a short amount of time. Since then, Meaghan has been a Director of Admissions and Outreach and Assistant Director for the Newton campus, and is now the DSD at the Hingham campus.

Off campus, you can find Meaghan spending time with her family, friends, and her little spaniel Charlie. Meaghan enjoys walking beaches and hiking mountains, visiting the library to read as many books as possible, dropping into a spin or yoga class with a friend, finding and eating the most delicious sushi, and breaking into song and dance whenever necessary.