Julia Gazzara

Homework Cafe Lead
Art, Movement, & Wellness Teacher/Mentor

Julia Gazzara is Fusion’s Visual and Movement Arts teacher. She instructs studio art, digital art, dance, yoga and art history courses. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2018 from Bridgewater State University. This consisted of a double concentration in Fine Art Painting and Graphic Design with an Art History minor. Upon graduation she began her professional career as a full time artist where she has created large scale paintings and murals for clients throughout New England, including a permanent series at Bridgewater State University. Her art work has been published in art journals such as the Bridge and was chosen to attend an art study tour to Portugal where she explored their cultural, traditional, and modern art collections. Julia began her love of the arts at the young age of three where she took up dance classes at the same studio that she has returned to teach at since 2017. She has spent her life actively following her passion for the arts. She strives to motivate students to engage in all forms of expression to help guide them on the path to pursue their own goals. In her spare time, Julia loves to kayak and enjoy her days out in nature. She also loves to travel as much as she can, having visited a handful of European countries and Caribbean Islands she hopes to someday visit every continent to explore the spectacular sights the world has created. Not many people would know this, but, despite the fact that she crosses oceans, she is terrified of heights! Although she may never parachute out of a plane, she intends to face her fears and continue to leap and bound across the world.

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