Jack Anderson


B.A. Italian Studies and Humanities


Jack graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2021 double majoring in Italian Studies and Humanities with a focus on Italic dialectology and Classics.


Jack has worked as a data collector for the University of New Hampshire's Department of Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies' collaborative digital humanities project: MANTO (Mapping Ancient Narratives, Territories, and Objects) focusing on mythography in the works of Pausanias and Apollonius. Jack has also worked as a translator and a private instructor and group tutor with UNH's department of Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies.

Jack is also an inducted member of Eta Sigma Phi, and Gamma Kappa Alpha which are the national collegiate honorary societies for Classics and Italian Studies respectively.

A non traditional learner himself, Jack has a deep passion for learning and sharing his excitement and love of history, language, and the humanities with others.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Avid reader and book collector
  • Speaks 5 languages, most of which are self-taught
  • Strongly believes that ancient epic poetry was, and still is totally awesome