Maggie Gregory

Head of School

Maggie Gregory has been with Fusion for 6 years, and helped pioneer the program in Greenwich since it opened its doors 3 years ago. Maggie works closely with each family and her team to design the most individualized and engaging program for every child. For the last decade, Maggie’s experience and focus on small group education has served in developing the relationships needed to unlock the immense potential in every human being.” She always had a passion for reading, writing, drawing, and making anything that came to her mind. Maggie pursued her passion when she graduated from Concordia College in Bronxville, NY. Then, after many long and late nights at Manhattanville College, she earned a Masters while teaching an amalgamation of subjects during the day.

Above all, Maggie enjoys traveling: she has driven across the United States with her sisters, rode horses through the Arizona desert with her husband, and backpacked through Europe with her two best friends. Her favorite place in the world is Germany—more specifically a crumbling foot-bridge between two mountains viewing Neuschwanstein Castle. Maggie is a storytelling advocate for both telling and listening to tales of all voices. She’s a firm believer that everyone has a story and every story has an impact for someone, so never be afraid to tell it to her because she’s all ears.

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