Delay Your Gray: Parenting During a Pandemic

Wednesday, October 28
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Via Zoom
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With regular routines disrupted and families facing a variety of stressors, this is a challenging time for parents. Fusion Academy & Newport Academy have teamed up to bring you Liz Jorgensen. In this webinar, parents will learn practical tools for managing their own emotions and helping their child not only survive but grow from current stress.

Liz Jorgensen is a speaker and author who teaches for Harvard Medical School’s continuing education program and is a regular presenter at Newport Academy conferences and events. Drawing from her 32 years as an adolescent counselor and her real-life experience as the mother of four grown children, Liz has led hundreds of workshops helping parents navigate adolescent development, behavior, and emotions— including how to set loving and firm limits with teens in a way that makes them feel safe and seen.