Breaking Down The COVID Wall:
Fostering Resiliency For Our Children

Wednesday, March 3rd
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Via Zoom

We are now one year into the COVID-19 pandemic and many of us, as well as our children, are experiencing emotional fatigue from the prolonged crisis. Many parents feel they have “hit a COVID wall”. How can we better understand the emotions we experience as uncertainty continues? How can we break through that wall of fatigue and helplessness so we feel stronger? How can we foster resilience in our children and teens through this time of uncertainty?  How do we create meaning and purpose to move beyond the fatigue?

Dr Sherry Skyler Kelly will discuss the transformative power of giving ourselves and our loved ones permission to feel.  She will help us better process emotions and shift our perceptions into resilience with evidence-based Positive Psychology strategies.