Paul Nelson



Paul studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Queen’s University in Canada.


Paul has been teaching all different types of students for almost a decade. He got his start teaching English as a Second Language in large classrooms in Kyoto, Japan.  Since then, he’s worked in Boston Public Schools and as an online English Language Arts teacher privately.

He’s also a published creative writer in multiple mediums. He got his start honing his journalism chops at his university’s newspaper.  Since then, he has written and created short films, editorials, animations, short fiction, and, primarily, Paul spends his time as a working Nashville singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with years of experience writing, recording, engineering, and performing music.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Even as a stuffy English Literature Major, Paul prefers comic books and pulp science fiction.
  • A former high-school jock, Paul’s favorite athletes to watch are Lebron, Shohei, and Josh Allen.
  • Paul spent the last few years as a full-time handyman/plumber. He’d be happy to give you a quote to renovate you downstairs bathroom. :)