Melissa Pikul

Science Teacher/Mentor

Melissa is a science teacher at Fusion Fairfield. She began her college career in Massachusetts, studying biology and pre-medicine. After 3 years, she discovered that she was more interested in learning a broader variety of the sciences, and very unsure of wanting to focus solely on medicine. She came home to CT and, because she missed the scholastic environment, she enrolled at both Southern Connecticut State University and Yale University. After 2 semesters just exploring majors, she finally took the advice of many people that had been telling her throughout her life; “you would be a great teacher”- and she committed to SCSU’s Education Department.

She earned her BS. at Southern Connecticut State University; majoring in Education, Biology, and Earth and Space Science. She earned her MS also at SCSU, majoring in Environmental Science Education. In addition, she is seeking to pursue her Doctorate.

Melissa has been teaching as an adjunct professor at SCSU in The Department of the Environment, Geography, and Marine Sciences for 7 years. During her summers she teaches for the International Institute for the Gifted at the Yale University campus. The classes she has taught range from Forensic Science to Nanotechnology, Social Psychology to Environmental Engineering & Sustainable Solutions.

In her free time, Melissa loves to travel and has been to 41 different countries so far. When she isn’t travelling, she loves to be on the sidelines of her children’s ice hockey and lacrosse games. She has a huge need to be outdoors and will walk, hike, or camp alone, or with family/friends.

Melissa grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and was actually an “extra” cast member in the movie Jaws.