John Spencer

Homework Café & Latin Teacher Mentor

John is a teacher at Fusion who specializes in Latin and has a passion for Music, and also works in the Homework Café getting to know students and helping with assignments. John earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Connecticut with a Major in Classics and Minors in Linguistics and Music. He will complete a Master’s of Education in Spring of 2020. John has 10 years’ experience in instructing Martial Arts, and completed his student teaching in Latin at Classical Magnet School in Hartford, CT.

In addition to teaching Latin, John has a passion for composing and performing Classical and Early Music, and frequently collaborates with friends and mentors to perform his music. He enjoys writing, drawing, and designing his own class materials and systems.

John also worked for a startup tech company in 2018, and is versed in photography/Photoshop, video production, and social media outreach.