Eli Sloan


Eli is a fresh transplant to Evanston, following his move from the Fusion Academy in Washington, D.C., where he had been teaching previously. Eli’s love of science is only matched by his love of theatrical performance, and he hopes to one day meet his idol, Bill Nye the Science Guy. His favorite scientific topic is the brain (he studied neuroscience), though outer space is a close second (sadly, he never heard back on his NASA astronaut application). Before teaching at Fusion, he was a reading, writing, and math remediation specialist, and he loves to bring a differentiated approach to teaching. In his free time, Eli loves performing both dramatic theater and improvisational comedy; he’s also a stand-up comedian and writer. He loves scary movies and all things spooky (fittingly, he was a ghost tour guide for a while), as well as fencing and making his own handmade pizzas (though not at the same time… yet).