Oliver Heitmann

Oliver was born in Germany, and is a dual citizen of Germany and the United States. Due to his curiosity and love for travel he has lived and worked in different countries in Europe, Asia, North and Central America before making Denver his new home. The greatest motivating factor in his career has been supporting alternative educational pathways for students who have difficulties being successful in a more traditional classroom setting.
For the last 10 years, Oliver was the Program Director and Co-Founder of a therapeutic learning program based in Germany. This position involved not only the creation of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and administrative oversight of program development, but also working directly with students as both a teacher and a mentor.
His educational background is in the advanced natural sciences (M.S. in Hydrology and Meteorology) and in teaching German as a second language (Teaching Certification from the Goethe Institute). Oliver also holds certifications in alternative teaching approaches (Gamification Design and Education; Serious Game Design and Development; Introduction to Educational Video Game Development).
Oliver’s great passion is the outdoors, and especially the sea. Since the sea is not around the corner in the Denver area, he has learned to love and appreciate being in the mountains. He is also a big sports fan, and you can surely invite him to play or watch soccer.
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