Oliver Heitmann



Oliver’s educational background is in the advanced natural sciences (M.S. in Hydrology and Meteorology) and in teaching German as a second language (Teaching Certification from the Goethe Institute). Oliver also holds certifications in alternative teaching approaches (Gamification Design and Education; Serious Game Design and Development; Introduction to Educational Video Game Development).


For the last 10 years, Oliver was the Program Director and Co-Founder of a therapeutic learning program based in Germany. This position involved not only the creation of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and oversight of program development, but also working directly with students as both a teacher and a mentor.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Oliver was born in Germany and lived and worked in several countries in Europe, Asia and Central America.
  • Oliver is really into soccer and martial arts (yes, Jean Claude van Damme inspired him).
  • Oliver likes being in the water (ocean!) so much that some might wonder if he is part fish.