Dena Williams


Dena’s first career was as a middle and high school science teacher for fifteen years. She holds a BA and an MA in Biology.  Her teaching experience includes Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, and Earth Science.  Dena’s second career was ordained ministry.  She holds a Master of Divinity, an MA in New Testament and Greek, and a Doctor of Ministry in Homiletics. She retired from parish ministry in 2018.

Dena joyfully returned to her first career in 2019 as a teacher of science for Fusion Academy.  She loves sharing the wonders and mysteries of the natural world with her students. At Fusion she teaches the subjects listed above and Marine Biology, Forensics, and Integrated Science.  A hands-on focus in the laboratory and relating demonstrations and experiments to fundamental concepts describes her teaching style.

Dena splits her time between a ranch in Fairplay, CO and another in Elizabeth, CO.  She spends her time with her family and friends, including her spouse, John, adult children, and grandchildren.  The outdoors, her three horses, two dogs, a cat, visual arts, music, reading, writing, hiking, fishing, gardening, and preaching part-time fill her days.

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