Neb Mamay


Nebeyat (Neb) Mamay has been the American Sign Language Teacher/Mentor since May 2021.

Neb was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio then decided to relocate to Dallas after completing her Bachelor of Arts in American Sign Language at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Columbus will always be home, but Dallas has always been the place where she envisioned thriving with her career. While completing her bachelor's, she was the co-founder and Vice President of the Deaf Power Organization for two years. She had taught community and private classes to those who were motivated to learn ASL and while also teaching ASL to Deaf immigrants from different countries! Additionally, mentoring Deaf children, ASL, and interpreting college students.

Neb's philosophy has always been providing a positive learning environment for students learning a second language and share her rich culture. Neb believes that diversity is greatly important to share multiple languages and cultures. Her ultimate goal is for students to find their confidence in learning ASL, make the language a fun learning experience, and another way to connect with students!

Outside of Fusion, Neb enjoys being cozy at home, going on adventures from a different city to one another with her friends, and visiting her family in Columbus every holiday. She’s family-oriented and super crazy about her nieces and nephews! She loves learning something new every day.

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