Ling Witzke


Ling was born and grew up in Hangzhou, China.  Her native language is Mandarin.  As a young student, she attended a boarding school for six years where English was taught in a language immersion environment.  She has studied and taught English extensively in China and the United States.

\Subsequent to teaching English at a top Chinese university in 1995, she came to the US and received an MA degree in Applied Linguistics/TESOL from the University of Alabama in 1997.  She then earned an MBA degree from the University of Texas at Dallas in 1998, and embarked on a successful professional career in the fields of business and investment analysis.  For six years as a hedge fund analyst, she travelled to China extensively conducting due diligence and fundamental analysis to evaluate investment opportunities across a broad range of industries.  In 2012, she stepped away from the business world to start her family. 

Although her career took her down a business path, she has always planned to return to teaching.  For Ling, teaching provides an opportunity for continual learning and growth.  One of her goals as an educator is to instill a love of learning in her students, as she shares her own passion for learning.  In addition, she believes her diverse background in both the US and China provides her with a unique perspective on crossing both language and cultural chasms in a classroom setting. 

Outside of the classroom, Ling loves to read, cook, exercise and follow business and investment trends in China and the US.  During college football season, she cheers on the Alabama Crimson Tide!  Above all, she treasures time with her family.  She volunteers frequently at her kids' preschool and elementary school.