Jessica Hitch


Jessica attended high school at the Texas Academy of Math and Science, an early college entry program at the University of North Texas.  She received a bachelor's in Journalism and one in History from Boston University.  Jessica holds a master's in History from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Jessica focused on U.S. history and is particularly interested in women's history.  Jessica has also studied international water resources policy. She had the opportunity to travel to France for the World Water Forum as part of her studies.  Jessica has received prizes for various writing and art projects, and Jessica has published many newspaper articles, a few short stories, and a poem.   Jessica teaches and practices Reiki, which is a healing modality from Japan.   Jessica enjoys cooking, making art, drumming, DJing, camping, dancing, and meditating.  Jessica practices sitting meditation daily, and Jessica helps facilitate Wake Up: Young Enlightened Souls, a young adult group meditation at the Dallas Meditation Center.  Jessica is also on the Board of Directors for DMC.