Evan Copeland

Math Department Head & Teacher/Mentor

Evan is our Math Department Head. After graduating high school, he went to Auburn University. At Auburn, Evan jumped around between more than a few majors trying to find the appropriate challenge, eventually landing him with a degree in Mathematics specializing in analytics. Evan loves to help people and while in college we went on multiple work trips all over the US, including clean up after Hurricane Katrina. He also volunteered with STARZ, mentoring advanced youth with computer programming and robotics. After college Evan worked to improve his public speaking skills, first becoming a Campaign Team Leader at Concentric Direct to promote public issue and political campaigns door-to-door. After moving to Birmingham, AL, Evan became a retail salesman for Mattress King. Having felt he accomplished his mission of becoming an excellent public speaker, he moved to Dallas to start his new life as a teacher/mentor at Fusion Academy.

Evan’s hobbies are pretty simple. He loves a good hard hike, enjoying the beautiful scenery and hopefully spotting some interesting animals. You may also find Evan hanging out by a pool or a beach just lounging. Otherwise you can find Evan watching one of his favorite TV shows or enjoying one of his numerous video games.