Deedre Morales

Electives Department Head & Teacher/Mentor

Deedre was born and raised in Chicago and received her bachelor’s degree from DePaul University. She spent her early career working in the hospitality industry as a Director of Human Resources and has lived in several different cities, including New York City, Paris, and Miami. For most of her adult life, she found herself yearning to make a difference in the world and made the decision to change careers. She went on to receive her teaching certificate, specialized in art, and has also earned over 500 hours towards her yoga teacher certification. She has taught in the public school system in Broward County, Florida, has shared the practice of yoga for 15 years, and was also the co-owner of a yoga studio in South Florida. In addition to teaching at Fusion, she still teaches yoga in Dallas and moonlights as an interior designer. She has two wonderful sons and enjoys spending time and traveling with her family.