Christina Gutierrez-Bermea

Humanities Department Head  & Teacher/Mentor

Born in Fort Hood, TX and raised around the globe, Christina is a bonafide army brat. She accompanied her parents and older sister to Seoul and Abu Dhabi before the 6th grade and began high school in Kansas to graduate in Texas. Accustomed to the hardships of switching schools amidst major life changes, Christina naturally thrives in the unfamiliar and seeks to make herself and others around her at home wherever that may be.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History in 2013 at the University of Texas at Tyler. With every intention to continue her education in art history, Christina counseled with her professors and was shocked when they advised she speak with the history department chair before applying to their master’s program. Shock quickly subsided and transformed into inspiration as a fifteen minute meeting turned into an hour long conversation with the graduate history advisor. Using art as a foundation, she built her historical repertoire around the study of power while advocating for subaltern discourses. She received her Master of Arts in History in 2016.

During her tenure at UT Tyler, Christina worked at the university library and developed a passion for research, instruction, and outreach. Although an advocate for the library sciences, she chose to not immediately pursue a second masters or Ph.D. in favor of “living life a little.” She moved to Dallas in 2017 and was fortunate to discover the incredible opportunity known as teaching at Fusion Academy.

Fun fact: Christina is a nerd; she is an avid console gamer, plays Dungeons & Dragons on the weekends, and owns more books than space to store them.