Caleb Brackens


Caleb teaches math, science and computer science here at Fusion.

A native of Dallas, Caleb decided to stay close to home for college and graduated from UT Dallas with a BS in Global Business. Shortly after college, he decided to expand his horizons & move to Colorado. Caleb acclimated well to the new environment, altitude and weather (except that one time it was 15 below 0!) Soon, he was happy and thriving…. But it wasn’t home. 5 years after his journey began, Caleb decided it was time to return so he left his job with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, packed up and headed home.

The move necessitated a career change which gave Caleb an opportunity to find his calling. He quickly found himself moving from working with children, to tutoring to education. Caleb’s broad spectrum of knowledge, interests and experiences allow him to find numerous ways to connect students to the material being taught to the world at large.

When he’s not teaching, you can find Caleb volunteering, hiking or playing a tabletop with friends.