Nico Cortes


Nico was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up there for the first 10 years of his life before he moved to Texas. He started his college education at Northern Arizona University but graduated from the University of Houston in 2018, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Economics.

Growing up, Nico did not know what vocation he would commit himself to.  However, over time, he realized that he had to become a teacher. During college, Nico became involved with a Christian club and devoted much of his time learning all things Bible and shared it with others. Moreover, Nico has a blast sharing with others what he knows about exercise and nutrition. Finally, all throughout his time in school, Nico always heard from peers that they thought their math teacher was terrible, and almost every time, he thought to himself, “Let me try. I bet I can do better.” And so here he is at Fusion.

In his spare time, away from all things productive, Nico is either playing Monster Hunter, spending time with family and friends, staying active in many shapes and forms, or simply chilling.

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