Michael Manning


Michael is honored to serve as the first science teacher at Fusion Academy, Columbia campus.

He is passionate about teaching science and making a singular impact in his students’ education that will change their lives in fundamental ways. He loves the craft of creating lessons that demonstrate how science is involved in every aspect of daily life.  His ultimate goal is to put the passion back into education.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Michael started his advanced education at the Community College of Baltimore County and then earned his Bachelor of Science at Stevenson University and his Master of Science at Johns Hopkins University. However, it all started with a solid military high school experience.

Before joining Fusion Academy, he worked in education for three years teaching middle school science within the Baltimore City Public School System and had the privilege to teach at Morgan State University as part of their Upward Bound Program staff.  Michael also has experience teaching 1st to 6th grade science during summer camps within Baltimore City. The underlying aspect of every role is the passion for science and inspiring young people to never stop asking questions.

In his free time, Michael enjoys completing obstacle course races like the Tough Mudders, Spartan Races and Savage Races. The medals earned are proudly displayed in his classroom and help to convey two messages – 1. “Push harder” and 2. “Your struggles are what build your strengths”.  He also enjoys doing background acting work during the summer time and hopes to one day have a small acting role in a comic book or Star Trek movie.