Trayce Biancalana


Trayce earned her Bachelor's degree in Finance from University of Colorado. She studied abroad in Seville Spain and fell in love with the Spanish culture and their way of life.  After college, Trayce went to work in Venezuela at Ford Motor Company in the finance division.  Her time in Venezuela provided her with the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish and to immerse herself in the Venezuelan culture.  Once she returned to Chicago, Trayce worked for 10 more years in the banking industry before taking time out of the work force to raise her 3 children.  During that time, she taught ESL and participated in various programs that helped strengthen families, and helped teenagers develop critical social and emotional skills.

Trayce is an avid traveler and believes that our ability to connect with people from other cultures enriches our lives and our world.  She hopes to bring her enthusiasm for adventure and life long learning to her students through the acquisition of language and the curiosity to explore the world around them.  Trayce also believes in the Fusion model of building supportive relationships to bring out the absolute best in each student.

During her free time, Trayce enjoys bike riding along Lake Michigan, walking her very active dog, playing tennis and golf and gardening.  Trayce and her family travel any chance they get and are all very passionate about giving back to our community through various organizations who support their desire to see a more equitable world.

A fun wacky fact about Trayce is that she has always wanted a horse since she was a young girl, and is certain that she will make that dream come true someday!