Sana Thaseen


Sana teaches mathematics, psychology, and biology courses at Fusion Academy. She likes to teach electives such as Math Consumer, Life Skills, Community Minds, and Study Skills as well.

Sana earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a major in biological sciences and a double minor in mathematics and psychology. Post under-grad, she has worked for two different education companies: a math-focused education company for levels K-12 and a college preparation company which specializes in test prep, college counseling, and academic tutoring for classes K-12.

Sana has a passion for teaching and interacting with kids! She thrives off interactions and connections with her students. She believes that effective teaching and learning only occur when both teacher and student are fully engaged during class. She likes exploring different teaching and learning styles and different methods of engagement with the lesson material.

Outside of teaching, she enjoys taking outdoor walks, admiring nature, reading literature, engaging in spiritually uplifting activities, gaining knowledge on scientific advancements in the world, and playing with kids! Sometimes, you can learn the most brilliant facts from the smallest and cutest minds.