Marc Lewis


Marc attended Cornell College, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with a focus in ceramics - but well before all that, guitar was his first creative pursuit, beginning way back in ye olde times of 1999. Guitar eventually led to other instruments - bass, violin, saxophone, and percussion - and more recently, to music production. He has always been strongly drawn to the arts, but also harbors a fascination with mechanics, a DIY obsession, and a love of functional objects. Over time, and informed by his treasured liberal arts education, these intersecting interests have caused branchings-out into ceramics, luthiery, book binding, carpentry, sculpture, drawing, painting, print making, leathercraft, sewing, 3D printing, plastics, electronics, plumbing, auto mechanics, jewelry making, programming, and writing. Marc often defines himself as a serial hobbyist and has been known to earnestly say things like "why spend $10 and a whole hour to go buy a thing when I can spend $100 and three days to make it myself?"

In the event he is confronted with free time in spite of the contents of the last paragraph, Marc may be found reading, consuming podcasts, or playing video games. But above all, he enjoys spending time with his partner, Meghan, and their dog, Jacob, a 100-pound pit bull/boxer/Great Dane mix they adopted as a puppy, who the rescue hilariously described as "a lab mix, probably 60 pounds at most".