Photo of Pennee Clowes

Pennee Clowes

Admissions Consultant
Pennee was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she received her BS in Health Care Administration and a minor in Human Resource Management. She has previous high school teaching experience in Southern California and Memphis, Tennessee.
Pennee has an extensive background in dance and had the privilege to be an ambassador for the community as a Los Angeles Laker Girl for two seasons. In 2014, Pennee and her family moved to Texas where she helped plan Fusion’s 2014 EPIC! Conference. While in this role she fell in love with the Fusion culture and the one-to-one teaching model.
Pennee joined the Fusion Dallas campus as a teacher/mentor. She then had the opportunity to join that campus's leadership team, first as the Director of First Impressions and then as the Director of Student Development. In December of 2018, Pennee transitioned to the Fusion Plano campus as its Director of Admissions and Outreach. Last, in early 2020 she joined the Fusion Admissions team and now serves as the Senior Admissions Consultant for the Central Region. Pennee is honored to share Fusion's mission with all new families and to guide them as they find their new educational home with our Fusion Family. In her personal life, Pennee loves creating new family memories with her husband, their two daughters, and her labradoodle - Java.