Deanna Ott


A long-time Arts Educator and Actor, Deanna teaches Yoga, Personal Fitness, and Health at Fusion Academy Lincoln Park. 

With an MFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University and a BFA in Musical Theater from CSU Fullerton, Deanna takes an expressive and full-bodied approach to learning about fitness and health. An RYT certified yoga instructor, Deanna is passionate about the physiological connection between mind and body and utilizing yoga as a moving meditation. Deanna has taught students of all ages and led masterclasses for professionals nationwide at universities, regional theatres, and virtually throughout her professional career in education.

Deanna loves adventuring and travel and will pause any road trip to see a wacky roadside attraction or national/state park. She's recently learned to make a mean gluten-free choux pastry as inspired by the Great British Bake Off!