Andrea Minot


Andrea Minot is a math, physics, and earth space science teacher at Fusion Academy Lincoln Park. She attended Dickinson College for two years, then transferred to Brown University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in astrophysics and was awarded departmental honors for her senior thesis research on gravitational lensing.

Andrea is passionate about STEM outreach and in 2019 worked at a science museum in Baltimore as a planetarium operator, presenting shows for up to 150 people. During the school year, she volunteered as a physics tutor at a local high school and was employed by her school to help other college students in their introductory physics classes.

In her free time, Andrea loves being in nature and exploring new places. When she isn’t out and about, she enjoys learning new science facts through podcasts, youtube videos, and getting lost down Wikipedia rabbit holes.

A fun fact about Andrea is that she worked for NASA’s space weather department in 2017 where she helped predict potentially hazardous activity on the sun!