Introduction to Neurofeedback with Cognitive Solutions Learning Center

Date & Time

Friday, April 14

11:00am - 12:00pm CST



Join licensed clinical professional counselor and board-certified neurofeedback practitioner, Jessica Howe, for an informative presentation on how neurofeedback can help improve children’s focus, attention, emotional regulation, and overall well-being. Attendees will gain knowledge about what neurofeedback is, how it works, and the potential benefits of this safe and effective therapy for children with various conditions, including ADHD and anxiety. Jessica will also provide insights into the role of different brain waves in neurofeedback, the treatment process from start to finish, and practical advice on how to evaluate the effectiveness of neurofeedback for your child’s needs. Whether you’re a parent interested in helping your child or a professional looking for alternative therapies for your child clients, join us for this informative presentation and discover how neurofeedback can benefit your child’s life and overall well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what neurofeedback is and how it works for children.
  • Learn about the role of different brain waves in neurofeedback for children.
  • Discover the treatment process from start to finish for children.
  • Learn about the potential benefits of neurofeedback for children with ADHD and anxiety, including improved focus, attention, emotional regulation, and stress management.

About Our Speaker:

Jessica Howe, M.A., LCPC, BCN, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a master’s degree in counseling psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Jessica is Cognitive Solutions Learning Center‘s Clinic Director and lead neurofeedback specialist. In her daily work, she administers quantitative EEGs to determine the best neurofeedback protocol to support clients in achieving positive change. Jessica is board certified in neurofeedback and is a LENS neurofeedback specialist. As the practice’s Clinical Supervisor for LPC therapists and counseling interns, Jessica provides a space to explore clinical skill development and application, supporting her supervisees in cultivating their unique professional identities and attuning to their personal needs.

Jessica has experience working with a wide population of ages, as well as individuals diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, and a range of social-emotional difficulties. She specializes in working with the teenage and adult population who struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and traumatic brain injuries. Her approach is to have a collaborative therapeutic relationship with her clients. Jessica is currently attending Franklin University to obtain her doctorate in healthcare administration. Her ultimate goal is to help support her staff to make the best clinical decisions to improve the lives of clients. Her dissertation focuses on protecting the confidentiality of emerging adults within the mental health field.

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Event Location

Fusion Academy Lincoln Park

1440 N. Dayton Street Suite 104, Chicago, IL 60642