Emily Murman




Emily Murman attended Lake Forest College from 2015-2018, majoring in English Writing and minoring in studio art. She was awarded several scholarships as well at the Gail DeHerder Memorial Prize in Creative Writing. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing (poetry focus) from National University and completed her graduate studies in June 2021.


Throughout high school, undergrad, and graduate school Emily had several opportunities to tutor, teach, and edit writing, working as a Lake Forest College Writing Center tutor, a student teacher, and the president of Tusitala Literary Magazine. She is the author of two chapbooks of poetry, "SHRIVEL AND BLOOM" (Dancing Girl Press, June 2021) and "I want your emergency" (Selcouth Station Press, July 2021). Emily is also a fierce advocate for gifted education and gave a TEDx talk, "Tall Poppies: Growing up Gifted" in 2017.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Was homeschooled
  • Sings in a Medieval/Renaissance choir
  • Absolutely loves Emily Dickinson
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