Emily Murman

English Teacher/Mentor

I am a published writer and illustrator hailing from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, ready to fully immerse myself in academia, a world to which I have always been inclined! Having experienced homeschooling, part-time elementary school, online classes, college summer camps, private tutoring, and full-time high school as a child, I was able to spend a majority of my multifaceted educational experience absorbing as many of my interests and passions as possible.

My postsecondary education was spent at Lake Forest College, where I obtained my bachelor’s of arts in writing and studio art over the course of three years. Meeting many focused, oddball professors solidified my decision to pursue a teaching career, and my intent inspired me to delve deeper into my own scholarship. More specifically, I specialize in the study of genre literature, particularly the historical development of gothic romanticism into horror, as well as the genre’s impact on modern subcultures and speculative fiction.

Amidst the planning and research that goes into my classes, I work to continue my own development into a well-rounded aesthete, using free time to read, write poetry and experimental horror, and illustrate. My hope is that the intertextual, comparative approach of my own studies serves as an example for my amazing students at Fusion Academy, who thrive in an environment so well-suited for alternative, hands-on creative teaching and learning practices. Above all, I strive to serve their growth into free-thinking individuals who are able to use their interests and talents in any discipline to communicate with and appreciate the world around them.