Rachel Ramsey


A native of Northern Virginia, Rachel is a passionate historian and teacher, as well as loving singing, theatre, fiction writing, gardening, and long walks in nature.  Rachel’s love of history was inculcated through family papers (genealogy) and traveling to historic sites, learning through first-hand experience and much conversation with family members equally as fascinated with that shared history.  To broaden her understandings, Rachel attended Gettysburg College to obtain a BA in History, then went on to St. John's College to obtain my MA in Liberal Arts through philosophic conversation and close studies of the Classic Great Books, which provide so much of the foundations of Western knowledge.  She knew early that she wanted to teach, as thanks to the experiential education she had and fabulous teachers who showed their own passion for their subjects and how education is really experienced with others.  After various experiences in public and private school classrooms, Rachel pursued Waldorf teacher training at Alkion Center, with the goal of teaching out of a holistic understanding of child and adolescent development.  Since then, Rachel’s been teaching high school Humanities courses, which ultimately brought me back to Charlotte, NC and Fusion Academy!