David Lewis


BA Graphic Design, AP Art, CATC Art


David has a BA in Graphic Design from CSUSB with minors in Studio Art. He has also received AP Art certification. David got his teacher's credential in art from Florida State. Currently, David is working on an MA in Museum Education at University of Nebraska.


David has been teaching since 2000. In addition to teaching at public schools, he teaches art privately, and he has taught classes at art galleries and museums. David started teaching high school ceramics and industrial design, but over the years he has taught art from pre-school to college.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • By the numbers: David has visited 33 countries and lived in 4 of those (US, Mongolia, Nigeria, China). David has visited 47 of the states (including Alaska and Hawaii) and lived in 6 of those states. David states he has driven across the US from coast to coast 8 times, included once across Canada and 9 of their provinces.
  • Water: David enjoys swimming, boating, sailing, fishing, surfing, and scuba diving,
  • Nature: David enjoys hiking, climbing, camping, traveling, and birdwatching.