Cycles of Anxiety, Avoidance, and Accommodation

Date & Time

Wednesday, April 12

5:30pm - 6:30pm EST



Researchers have found that anxiety in children and adolescents has been on the rise over the past several years.
This was the case even before the pandemic, but since 2021 the estimate is that 25.2% of adolescents meet criteria for some form of clinical anxiety.

When we see those we care about struggling with anxiety, we often feel driven to do what we can to help them experience less anxiety.
We might allow or encourage them to avoid the things that elicit anxiety, or we might make accommodations to their environments or situations to prevent the anxiety from occurring.
These normal and well-meaning responses can create cycles that can have the unintended consequence of increasing anxiety and keeping people stuck in patterns of avoidance and dependence.

This talk by Leah Benjamin, PsyD and Arielle Gartenberg, PsyD from The Concord Center will provide more information on anxiety, avoidance, accommodation, and the ways these cycles work.

Event Location

Fusion Academy Burlington

100 Summit Dr Suite 200, Burlington, MA 01803