Sam Cook

STEM Teacher/Mentor

Samuel Cook was born in Blackpool, England and spent the first 7 years of his life there before moving to the North Georgia mountains because of his father’s work. Going through the school system, Sam was a gifted student but often bored and unmotivated by the slow pace of classes. This continued even though college, when Sam obtained a Bachelors in Film from Georgia State University after jumping around various colleges and majors. After college, Sam worked a few meaningless jobs before deciding to push himself and go back to college for something harder, Engineering. The math and science (especially physics) in this degree really made Sam fall in love with the beauty of both subjects, and after graduating with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Kennesaw State University, he went on to keep pursuing education by starting work on a Masters degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering. Since he had spent so long in school, he always wanted to ‘give back’ to the institution that allowed him to learn so much. The plan had been to one day teach at the college level, but when the opportunity arose to help students that needed something different, just like he had, Sam jumped at the opportunity.

Outside of class, Sam has several hobbies including video gaming, playing and listening to music and going to concerts, watching soccer games both on TV and in person (go Atlanta United!), watching movies, and hanging out with his wife, Sara, his big fluffy Akita dog, Kuma, and his two cats, Gabe and Luci.

Andrew enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend and their two geckos, Rex and Athena. He also spends his time writing his own plays that he hopes to one day get to see on stage.