Robert Stewart

Head of School


Robert is a Georgia native and a product of private and public schools. Mr. Stewart attributes his commitment to education to his family's history of becoming teachers and takes pride in lifelong learning. Robert earned a Master's Degree from Mercer University-Math & Science Education (2013) and an Educational Specialist Degree in Leadership (2016). He also has two School Management and Leadership (CSML) certifications from Harvard Business School (2019). In addition, Robert is finishing a doctoral program in Executive Business Leadership at The University of Charleston, West Virginia.


Robert has spent his professional life using personal and career experiences to add value to learning communities. His success in education started in the classroom in 2008. At Coan Middle School, he obtained the district's highest student growth percentile for two consecutive years (2011-2013). In 2013, Coan Middle School had the highest gains of all traditional middle schools in Atlanta Public Schools. Mr. Stewart was named teacher of the year in 2013. He then taught at Inman Middle School and served as a demonstration classroom teacher for the district.

He then served various district-level roles, including curriculum writing and serving on the benchmark assessment design team. These experiences led him to be promoted to a district instructional core content specialist, supporting and supervising multiple elementary and middle schools. Mr. Stewart previously served as an assistant principal for almost four years. During the 2019-2020 school year, he was named elementary assistant principal of the year for Atlanta Public Schools.

Robert became Head of the School in 2020. Under his leadership and first year, Fusion Academy Buckhead received Fusion's National Awards for Exceptional Re-Enrollment, High Stewardship Growth, Exemplary Parent Loyalty, and Outstanding Team Engagement. For the 2021-2022 school year, he led the school to win awards again for Exceptional Re-Enrollment, Exceptional Stewardship Growth, Exemplary Parent Loyalty, and Robert's favorite award-Outstanding Team Engagement. In addition, he helped the school add a first-time campus award for Exceptional Enrollment Growth due to the fast growth they experienced that year, winning five out of six potential awards given to the top qualifying campuses.

In 2022, Simply Buckhead Magzine named Robert as one of the seven Annual Rising Stars in the community:

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Robert enjoys reading Harvard Business Review magazines, cycling through the city, rock-climbing, traveling to anywhere with great weather, and spending time with family during his free time.
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