Ben Croll

Humanities Teacher/Mentor

Ben was born in Washington, DC, and moved around the world, living in Egypt, Boston, Baltimore and Cambodia before going to high school in Vermont. He then went to Northwestern University where he studied Psychology and Writing for the Screen.

Ben has loved stories since an early age, whether it’s a book, a movie or the narratives in history that continue in the real world today. Here at Fusion he teaches English, History as well as Film and Graphic Design.

He believes that no matter the subject, there are stories that will interest students and characters both historical and fictional, that students today can still relate to. (In this regard Ben is lucky he isn’t teaching math). Students in larger classrooms often get left behind when they aren’t engaged with the material, but at Fusion Academy we can make sure that doesn’t happen. In Ben’s classes, he works to focus on literature and the elements of the curriculum that his student’s can care about.

Outside of Fusion Ben engages with media both as a fan of movies, and as an amateur creator himself. He’s currently spending the rest of his free time exploring the city of Atlanta as a new resident and getting used to the traffic.