Andy Rhodes




Andy graduated from Auburn University in 1999 with a bachelor's degree in business - marketing. Between 1994 and 1999, he served as a supply specialist in the U.S. Army Reserve and finished sergeant school, also known as the Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC). More recently, he studied at Mercer University - Atlanta campus, where in 2021 he completed a master of arts in teaching (history) degree.


Andy considers one of his main talents to be his ability to precisely communicate technical or complex information in compelling ways that engage target audiences. This has contributed to his success in reaching customers in business environments and students in classrooms.

Andy grew up in California, North Carolina, and Alabama. He has lived in Atlanta since 2000. As a child, he enjoyed several creative activities like writing stories, acting in plays, and learning to play alto saxophone and piano. Andy competed in school-wide writing competitions. In junior college, two professors in his English and history courses made it clear they noticed he had an exceptional aptitude in their subjects. This encouragement helped to motivate him toward deeper interest and training in these fields. Andy taught 4th grade at Knight Elementary School in Lilburn, GA, before discovering his passion for teaching history to middle and high school students. Later, he worked as a teacher at Columbia High School in Decatur, where his courses included AP world history, American government (civics), and geography.

Much of his career was spent outside of teaching, however. Andy utilized his business - marketing degree in multiple jobs that involved marketing strategy, copywriting, sales, conceptual design for catalogs and websites, and computer software tech support. For example, he worked as the marketing director for CoachComm, which provides the headsets that football coaches wear on the field and in the booth above the stands during games. This company has an exclusive contract with the National Football League. It also provides this equipment to most NCAA Division I colleges and hundreds of high schools across the country.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves to sing many songs at karaoke events
  • Records his performances on guitar, piano, and drums
  • Enjoys making art by using editing software to dramatically alter photographs he takes