Alex Nguyen

Math and Science Teacher

Alexander D. Nguyen was born in the lush green mountains of Vermont. He grew up in Vermont, and early on discovered his interest in the math and sciences. This love had pushed him forward towards studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rhode Island. But his time at school and his time working in the Engineering made him realize that what he enjoyed most was sharing his love of math and science with others. He soon would seek avenues that would allow him to teach others the beauty of the STEM field.

Alex had spent his some of his time volunteering and helping others learn a variety of different things. This one on one teaching he found was very effective and was something that he really enjoyed. He then discovered Fusion Academy and thought that it was a great fit. His goal is to help those feel comfortable and appreciate the math and sciences through exploring the very many different avenues it can provide.

In his free time Alex enjoys watching film, watching anime, playing games of the video and board variety, and cooking Vietnamese food.