Robert Mosher



Robert graduated from the College of Wooster in Ohio with a Bachelors in History.


He spent his first Summer post-college supervising the excavation of an Ancient Roman fort in Romania, where his passion for inquiry into the past only grew. From there he moved to Washington D.C., where Robert worked with an educational nonprofit bringing archaeology and district history to city schools. Given his love for travel, it was no surprise when Robert sought to further his education abroad and relocated to the United Kingdom. A year later, and with a MA in archaeology under his belt, Robert returned to the States looking for his next challenge. Just before joining Fusion Academy, Robert carried on his study of Egyptology at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Outside of the classroom, Robert enjoys board games, skiing, and coffee (although that last one sometimes finds its way into class as well).
  • As a lover of travel, and having visited five continents thus far, he is always eager to hear about the adventures of others or to recall his own!
  • Having benefited from a more personalized education in high school himself, Robert feels a deep connection with Fusion’s mission and relishes the opportunity to help others achieve their personal and academic potential.
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