Michael Ventura

Department Head


Michael has a background in applied anthropology, as well as history. He studied at the University of North Texas.


Michael is a humanities teacher, and he’s the department head of electives & world languages. He joined Fusion in 2017, and he teaches history, English, & Spanish. He loves to find new ways for students to engage in history and develop their skill set. Regardless of the subject at hand, Michael values exposing students to different cultures & perspectives. Before joining Fusion, Michael was an AmeriCorps member. He served in a middle school by supporting students in ELA and their personal growth. While studying in Dallas, Michael mentored refugees in assimilating to their new homes. Michael also worked in a one-to-one mentor program with at-risk high school students who were in danger of becoming truant.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Photography
  • Running
  • Skateboarding