Max Daniels

Math, Science, & Japanese Teacher/Mentor

Max is a firm believer in the power and potential of one-on-one teaching. After having homeschooled his own two children for a period of 8 years, he then went on to explore the unlimited potential that could be attained when the student has become empowered with a strong sense of identity, academic and personal achievement, and support from family, peers and mentors. He realizes that once each individual recognizes his/her unique talents and develops self-worth, then it’s possible to grow stronger emotionally and intellectually.

Max grew up in the UK and graduated with his bachelors in Pharmacy from the University of Manchester. After being part of a team of pioneering paramedics, he subsequently entered the education field and worked as a Math/Science High School teacher in Japan and Honduras for 20 years. Now residing in Brooklyn, he has been working as an independent tutor and enjoys connecting with both students and families.

Now part of the Fusion team, Max is looking forward to exploring the possibilities that Fusion can offer students. When he’s not teaching, he’s either on the tennis court, or motorcycling upstate to look for great hiking and camping spots.