Ana Hentze


Ana Hentze was born in Mexico City.  She completed a Bachelor's in Architecture and postgraduate in construction administration. She graduated with honors in 1991 with the honor thesis “Mercado San Diego” a revolutionary social project for a market in suburban Mexico. As an avid designer for commercial architecture, socially conscious housing and retail store design, she studied and applied techniques like art batik, oil on paper, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and textile transformation. Her architectural work was featured in the book “Proyecto 2000”, successful architects under 40. Ana moved to Florida in 1998.

Ana’s current work is based more on the importance of process over product. Acrylic and mixed media come to life with not much of a plan, let the paint speak; follow what it wants to be. Marks are made with unusual techniques, textures obtained with everyday objects or rice and rubber bands that were left to create an impression overnight. Ana’s work forms part of several private collections and the Ryan Licht foundation. She has hosted several solo shows in Florida and is represented by Schweizer Gallery in Germany and Spain.

Ana has taught Art and Spanish to children and adults in South Florida. She has created engaging and creative ideas for classes with unconventional materials and processes and lets the students develop their own ideas with just a little bit of guidance.

In her free time, Ana is an avid knitter and collects yarn from all the places she travels to. She has two daughters and six cats, all rescued. She loves to spend time on the beach and cooking.

What  if….little things catch the attention, maybe it is just a dream or something seen in a different light.

Let art light the way