Adam Colucci

Adam Colucci helps students understand concepts by breaking them down and explaining them using very simple terms that anyone can understand. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences Pre-Clinical from University of Central Florida and has also taken some graduate level computer science courses at Florida Atlantic University. Adam has been teaching students 1-on-1 for over five years including foster children from middle school to high school level. He absolutely loves teaching and is glad to be able to continue to teach students 1-on-1 here at Fusion Academy! He loves going to the gym every day, Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, MMA, computer games, anime and skateboarding in his free time. Adam competed on the University of Central Florida wrestling team in college! He also did not like the standard school system growing up and wished that the teachers were able to cater more towards the individual student's needs rather than appealing to the masses.