Steve Pisani

Steve is a California and SF Bay Area native. Steve was born in San Francisco, grew up in San Rafael, and then moved to Richmond when San Rafael became too expensive for his wife and him. They’ve lived in or near Richmond since 1990. They have a son, Brian, who’s 26, healthy, and has a steady, recession-resistant, full-time job with prospects for advancement.

Steve fled the Insurance industry in 2003, having glacially attended community college part-time since 1992. From 2003-2005, Steve finished his bachelor’s degree at Cal State East Bay. Steve simultaneously started tutoring at the Student Center for Academic Achievement. He graduated and passed the CSET exams for both social science and English in 2005. Steve has tutored and/or taught in a classroom ever since. He has worked with many sorts of students, aged 7 to 40-something, in many sorts of environments and with material ranging from first-grade English to a master’s thesis.

Steve has been fascinated with history since he visited the Yorktown battlefield at age 12. He’s written fiction for fun (and for very little profit) for the last 20 years. He loves his chosen family and friends, his dog (Spike), and working to help others to help themselves, in that order. Steve likes to read (both fiction and the stuff that doesn’t have to make sense), write, hang out with friends, walk his dog, and avoid suffering. Nothing does the latter better than teaching the willing.