Sarah Hochman

Department Head


Sarah is from Bloomington in Southern Minnesota and lived there her whole life. She also went to college in Minnesota, at Augsburg University. There she got her Bachelor of Arts for Science and completed their teacher certificate program. She has recently moved to California and is excited for the new opportunities that are to come.


She enjoys doing different types of art projects during her free time, specifically painting and coloring. She also loves nature and gardening, if she could have a huge garden, she would spend all her time in it. Besides gardening, she does a lot of trail hiking in nearby parks where she often stops to looks at cool plants.

She loves to read fantasy and science fiction books. She also really enjoys movies, definitely a Star Wars and Marvel fan! Sometimes she plays video games online with her friends back in MN.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Likes doing arts and crafts
  • Has traveled to Holland and Germany
  • Enjoys playing open world video games