Sam Tillis

Sam is a History teacher and mentor at Fusion Berkeley. He was born and raised here in the Bay Area, growing up in Pleasanton and now living in Oakland.

He received two BAs, one in Political Science and one in Theatre, from UC San Diego, where he graduated summa cum laude. Since then he has tutored students in test prep skills, essay writing, and a bewildering array of subjects online, in tutoring centers, and in homes across the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also served as copy editor and occasional contributor to Edible East Bay, a quarterly magazine that celebrates the abundant local foods of Alameda and Contra Costa counties. (Most of his articles have been about food tours and ice cream.)

Sam is passionate about theatre and storytelling, as well as just about anything you might describe as nerd stuff: science-fiction and fantasy books, movies, television, games, culture, and so on. Uniting these loves, in his spare time he runs Quantum Dragon Theatre, a science-fiction/fantasy theatre company.